Battlefield 6: Rumor points to inspiration from third edition


The Battlefield 6 game has not yet had the revealed date disclosed, however, information about what gamers will have access to in the next title of the franchise developed by Electronic Arts does not stop appearing on the internet, gaining more and more strength, since we are in the year of product launch.

The most recent rumor is related to the possible type of experience that he will pass on to the public, where reports point to the possibility of him having some modifications that will make the new game a kind of reboot of the series and even be a version. with strong inspirations in Battlefield 3, which until today is considered one of the biggest successes.

This information was shared by content creator Tom Henderson on his YouTube channel, where he said he received such a report from a trusted source, something not so unusual, since most of the leaks in the games industry are from inside workers who share with some leaker to generate hype.

According to him, the new game could even have a name a little different from the leaks, just being called Battlefield, showing an EA plan to make it a renewal of the franchise, as if it were a reboot to deliver something even better.

In conjunction with this data, Tom made it clear that the new game will be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3, but he did not make it clear what the similarities would be, just letting the public know that he will have big battles, where up to 128 players will face each other in multiplayer.

Even with the current generation consoles already ready to receive the title, it seems that EA wants to have a wider range of gamers with it installed, since the game can also be made available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. of being very detailed rumors, it will still be necessary to wait for the game’s debut to know which ones will be a fact.


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