Battlefield 6 may come with a free play mode


EA Games will release a new game from the Battlefield franchise in late 2021 and a supposed survey by the company showed that the shooter can arrive with a free game mode. In addition, the company’s form indicates that the title will also have a season pass, following the standards of productions such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone.

According to VG247, Eletronic Arts is sending messages to some players and asking questions about what content fans would like to see in a new game in the series. The list of questions includes several mechanics that may appear in the supposed Battlefield 6.

One of the suggestions mentions the presence of a part of the game that can be accessed free of charge. According to information from leaker Roberto Serrano, the game can count on a battle royale free to play mode.

Inspirations in Warzone

The speculations generated by the research and the leaks also point out that the next Battlefield will feature inspirations in Call of Duty Warzone for its monetization. According to rumors, the game may bring a battle pass and a Blueprint system for weapons.

The season pass system used in shooting games currently has maps, game modes and new weapons coming free for all players. To generate revenue, the studio gives users the option to pay monthly to receive cosmetic items as they progress through the game, from weapon skins to new characters, which do not interfere with the gameplay balance.

Blueprints, on the other hand, are a kind of recipe that brings a pre-assembled weapon, using equipment that can be unlocked by all players. In Call of Duty Warzone, the mechanics come with equipment skins, which can also be purchased at the game store.

EA “response”

So far, Eletronic Arts has not officially commented on the matter, but Battlefield’s official account has ironically interacted with one of the rumors involving the game. The Twitter profile shared the speculations published by Roberto Serrano and parodied the text by making a joke with spaghetti.

The movement made by DICE is quite unusual and unfortunately does not provide clarification on the subject. So far, all we know officially about the upcoming Battlefield is that the game will be revealed soon and promises to take advantage of the potential of the new generation of consoles.


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