Battlefield 6: Leaked Photos Suggest Official Announcement Soon


Battlefield 6: Last Saturday (1), what appears to be the first screenshots of Battlefield 6 were leaked on social networks and now fans can now have access to important details of the game’s ambience and gameplay.

The images, initially shared by the user Sian92984059, show one of the possible maps that will be present in Battlefield 6. Apparently presented in a cinematic animation, the photo reveals a paradisiacal island moved by the war at the same time that a storm appears in the background, with light references to the Battlefield 4 Singapore map. Check out the screenshot below.

The second photo is focused on gameplay and places the player on a mission on the same leaked map, now close to a station that contains a missile about to be launched. Under the command of a war helicopter, it is possible to observe details of the HUD such as armaments, central sights and guided sights, a minimap and the altitude meter. See below.

So far, nothing has been officially confirmed about the provenance of the images or about a possible Battlefield 6 ad, but Tom Henderson himself, a well-known insider in the universe of leaks, affirmed the authenticity of the photos and said they “are real”.

Expected to launch “around 10 years from now”, according to reports released in March and April this year, everything indicates that a revelation of the game may be made much earlier than expected.


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