Battlefield 6: Leaked Images Indicate Return To The Modern Era


Battlefield 6: New images of Battlefield 6 have emerged online recently and show some elements that we can expect from the next war game. If the images are official, it is possible that the game deals with the use of advanced technologies in combat.

Anyway, the prints show that the series returns at least to the present day, leaving the theme of World War II. The images look like they were taken from some cutscene, show giant rockets and also robots running.

In one of the images we can see a military robot dog very similar to the one manufactured by Boston Dynamics. The company, bought by Hyundai in 2020 for about $ 1 billion, builds programmable robots that are often scary. One of them, Spot, became a reference for the episode “Metalhead”, the fifth of the fourth season in which a robot dog murders people.


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