Battlefield 6 Has Full Trailer Leaked on The Internet


Battlefield 6: This Thursday (27), a full Battlefield 6 trailer was leaked. The video shows exactly the full version of the game’s images that had leaked earlier this week.

The VG247 website republished the content that was released on Reddit. Despite having a black belt, it is possible to see scenes of helicopters, armies and a lot of destruction. Check, below, the material that was leaked on the internet.

Just like the previous images, the person responsible for publishing the material decided to play with the public and placed the black stripe in the middle of the screen. To work on top of the content, users turned the video above to 1080p and synced the audio.

Despite the leaks, it is not yet known whether the production would be shown to the public as part of the official disclosure of Battlefield 6. There are rumors that the work may have been produced only for internal use, to test the game’s engine, for example.

The expectation is that the next title in the FPS franchise will be released later this year. Most likely the game should gain official news during the E3 period, which will be held between June 12th and 15th. EA has already confirmed that it will not participate in the fair, but it should take advantage of the hype of the period to talk about the game.


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