Battlefield 6 Has Alpha Test Images Leaked on The Internet


Battlefield 6 will be introduced to the world very soon (there’s even a date for when the countdown to this big reveal will begin). However, the network continues to receive more details associated with the title, and the most recent are some possible images from the Alpha test.

According to a post on the Resetera forum, these captures were apparently posted by Tom Henderson in his Discord. Apparently some influencers had access to an unfinished version of the game to enjoy the multiplayer mode, and some other members of the squad apparently are employees of DICE.

The images you can see in the gallery below show combats in different ways in a modern setting, with helicopters, planes, tanks and other elements – besides, of course, we have a small idea of ​​some of the scenarios that will be used in these combats.

Remember that so far Electronic Arts and DICE have not released any official material regarding the game, so we should look at these images and wait a little longer to make sure that, in fact, this is a part of the content that will be in the final version of the title.

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