Battlefield 6: Game Will Be Revealed on June 9!


Battlefield 6: Battlefield’s official Twitter account published this Tuesday (1) that the new game will be unveiled on June 9th. In Brazilian time, the revelation will be made from 9am. No further details about the announcement were released.

Despite this, in addition to the date, a brief teaser was released that probably points to the theme of Battlefield 6. The montage leaves the hint that the title will possibly take place in modern days. Check out the disclosure below.

On the game’s official website, Electronic Arts (EA) released a message in Portuguese that next week will start a “countdown to the announcement of the next generation of Battlefield”.

Leak series

The title is one of the most leaked in recent weeks. More recently, a full trailer has been posted on Reddit. As with previous materials, the video indicates that the game will indeed be set in modern times, as even a robot dog appears.

Despite the unofficial disclosure of the content, the Eurogamer website has said that the images will not be used in the presentation of Battlefield 6. The vehicle claimed that this video material was used internally by EA.

Despite confirming that it will not participate in E3 2021, which will be held between June 12 and 15, the developer will take advantage of the hype of the period to finally release confirmations about its new war game.


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