Battlefield 6 Comes With Next-Generation Features


According to the statements made by EA, Battlefield 6 will be released in the autumn of next year. The new game will take advantage of the technical advantages offered by the new generation consoles.

Electronic Arts (EA), one of the largest game studios in the world, shared a few ‘details’ about Battlefield 6, which will be released next year, during its financial situation meeting last night. According to the statements made, DICE’s new Battlefield game will meet with players in Autumn 2021.

Even though EA stated that DICE has “a real new generation vision for the brand (Battlefield)” during the explanations on the subject, it did not explain on which platforms the game will be published. Battlefield 6 can be a “cross-platform game” where the new generation and the old generation intersect, or it can be a new generation game that is only released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

“DICE is developing a new Battlefield game on a scale that has never been seen before.” Using the statements EA said, “The technical developments in the next generation consoles allow the team to present a true new generation vision for the brand (Battlefield). In-house hands-on game testing continues and the team receives mostly positive feedback for the game. He spoke in the form.

Unfortunately, EA’s explanations about Battlefield 6 are limited to these. Still, the company’s focus on technical improvements and the phrase “next generation” in its statements is enough to raise expectations that Battlefield 6 will offer new mechanics and a better gaming experience compared to previous games in the series….

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