Battlefield 2042 Will Receive Two Patches In A Month To Fix Numerous Bugs


Battlefield 2042‘s issues at launch are not enough with its day one patch, and it will receive two more over the next month. As with Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox One, the premiere of the Electronic Arts franchise in the new generation with Battlefield 2042 is not being as placid as surely expected in the Canadian company. Since early access, many players criticized technical and content aspects, and now that the game is available, those criticisms have skyrocketed, something that DICE has taken note of. In this way, the Swedish studio, after launching a patch on the game’s launch day – last Friday, the 19th – will implement another two during the next 30 days to solve errors that persist in the game.

Among the most common failures are those related to balance in vehicles, deleted loadouts and problems when trying to revive teammates. Regarding the latter, in DICE they claim to be convinced that they have identified the problem and found the solution, in addition to working on another to resolve those errors that do not allow some players to respawn.

Meanwhile, regarding the missing equipment configurations, DICE has already developed a solution, having already submitted it for testing. On the other hand, they have nerfed the LCAA Hovercraft, equipping it with lighter armor, lowering its health and making its arsenal do less damage, a process that they have also carried out on the MD540 Nightbird. However, this can change even more, as they ensure that they will remain attentive to the operation of both vehicles and do not rule out further changes.

Another erratic premiere for Battlefield

As we said before, Battlefield 4 had a rough launch – surely even more so – on PS4 and Xbox One, with mediocre online performance and that took months to fix. Fortunately, over time it became a more than solid shooter, and one of the fan favorites in recent years. They expect something similar to happen with Battlefield 2042, which has received mostly negative reviews – only slightly more than 20% on Steam are positive – due to multiple factors: absence of campaign, shortage of game modes or the obligation to matchmaking after each game, among many others.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.