Battlefield 2042 Will Not Have Launch Voice Chat


Battlefield 2042: Electronic Arts further acknowledges that there is no perfect release, listing a number of Battlefield 2042 bugs yet to be fixed. Some players are already enjoying early access to Battlefield 2042, the new installment of DICE’s shooter, and despite modes like Hazard Zone or the classic Battlefield Portal, there has been a fact that has surprised players, for the worse, for the worse. As all of them have seen, the game does not have voice chat implemented at the moment, a function that seems practically essential in a modern multiplayer FPS. In fact, everything seems to indicate that this feature will not reach its launch.

As can be read in the Washington Post, Electronic Arts has confirmed to the capital newspaper that many players are using applications such as Discord, or the own private group chats of each console, to be able to communicate. In fact, it is something that all those who are made with Battlefield 2042 will have to do the first day, since according to the Canadian company, the voice chat will arrive “shortly after its launch.”

No voice chat … but with technical problems

Battlefield 2042 will not arrive with voice chat on the day of its launch, but with a good handful of technical problems that EA itself has made known on its official website. While, obviously, the Swedish studio is working “extremely hard for Battlefield 2042 to arrive as smooth and satisfying as possible”, although they acknowledge that there is no launch “without its flaws, and you will probably find some bugs and problems during the first weeks”.

It is expected that, despite being warned about the problems that Battlefield 2042 may have at its launch, it will not be of the level suffered with Battlefield 4. The fourth numbered installment was part of the launch catalog of the last generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, and presented a lot of problems of all kinds that took months to solve.

Battlefield 2042 will hit stores for all players on November 19, for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and PC.