Battlefield 2042 Will Not Have Campaign Mode, Only Online


Battlefield 2042: EA revealed, this Wednesday (09), the official name and the 1st trailer for Battlefield 2042. In addition to the images, possible release date and theme, the title gained important details such as the absence of a campaign mode.

The information was released by the Battlefield News profile on Twitter. Information shows that the new game cannot be played in the traditional single player offline mode, only online multiplayer. “The narrative is linked to the Specialists and their stories in the multiplayer experience”, he explained.

Also according to the page, the game will have modes like All-Out Warfare (with Conquest & Breakthrough) and Hazard Zone (squad mode based on a modern combat experience) and another that was not announced, but which will be a “love letter ” for fans (will be revealed on EA Play Live). This 3rd mode will be a “new way to play Battlefield”, according to EA.

In addition, it was also published that the game will not have the traditional Battle Royale at launch. Battlefield News argued that Dice’s developers said they will think about this in the future, as the initial focus is “on the main multiplayer modes”.


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