Battlefield 2042 Will Fill The 128-Player Roster With Bots


Battlefield 2042 will meet players in the fall and feature the series’ biggest battles to date. In Battlefield 2042‘s “All-Out Warfare” mode, 128 players will be able to battle simultaneously on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. But not all of this 128-man roster will always be made up of real people.

In a statement to The Verge, EA confirmed that the roster will be completed with bots, but did not provide information on how this can be disabled.

The priority will always be real players, and bots will never be added when interest in the game is high. However, different game modes will be offered for those who hate bots. In the main event, 64 bots will be added to the game when needed to fill the roster. Applications that vary from region to region will be made for the addition of bots.

It can be said that this is a risky but understandable decision. Building a game on 128 simultaneous players (64 for PS4 and Xbox One) is a risky scenario. It may not be easy to keep players constantly active in the multiplayer experience. Therefore, it seems logical for EA to use bots to ensure fluidity.

EA will provide more detailed information on Battlefield 2042 and bots in the coming period. Although the game does not have a single player story, players will be able to fight against bots alone in all modes and maps.


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