Battlefield 2042, We’ve Already Played It: Glimpses Of A Great Installment


Battlefield 2042: We attended the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta pre-launch gameplay session, which allows us to check out EA DICE’s vision with him. Battlefield 2042 now celebrates its long-awaited Open Beta. Between October 6 and 9, the community will be able to get a preview of what is to come from November 19 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. At MeriStation we have already been part of the first wave of players to go through their stages. In general, it leaves a positive residue, there are signs of what can become an excellent delivery. However, we find some elements that are yet to be seen how they gel with the general public.

During the presentation we attended, the EA DICE team insisted that the build selected for the beta is “a few months” old, and it was not until these last weeks (which led to its delay) that the final version has received great advances. So that attendees would not believe that those words are empty promises, they prepared a special video with the current state of the game. The quality of the streaming did not cloud the conclusions: we can tell you that the advances are significantly higher. Details, complexity of the scenarios, graphic muscle … There is a leap forward compared to what was tested in the beta. This has been our first contact with one of the outstanding shooters for the Christmas campaign.

Orbital, a scenario full of opportunities

The most popular rocket in the Battlefield 2042 promotional campaign is the main protagonist of Orbital, the map available in the Open Beta. Its design revolves around the bases on which the roots of the saga were established, both the force of combat in vehicles and the action of the infantry around the places of capture. The game area converges on both sides of a mountain that divides a good part of the sectors into two. In the lower south we see a refinery that gives a lot of play and that recalls, saving the distances, the mythical oil zone of Operation Firestorm in Battlefield 3. In fact, the playable terrain on foot is somewhat larger than that seen in 2011 ( and the airspace is even wider).


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