Battlefield 2042, We Have Already Seen Hazard Zone: All The Keys And First Details


Battlefield 2042: We have already seen Hazard Zone, the third and last pillar of Battlefield 2042. We tell you all the keys and the first details of this experience. It’s time to meet the third and final pillar of Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone. For weeks there has been speculation about what this experience focused on patrol play could be. No, it is not a battle royale; in fact, the main objective of the mission will not be to kill anyone. In MeriStation we have been able to know its first details and in which phases a game will be divided. You can see his first trailer at the head of this trailer.

Extract and survive: the keys to Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone will propose an asymmetric multiplayer where you must successfully extract the largest number of data panels available in the game. Up to 32 players (24 on PS4 and Xbox One) will be divided into patrols made up of four specialists, all of them with the same objective to achieve. During the games you will have to fight against these squads, the occupation forces that swarm the map and the dynamic weather, including the tornado.

The seven original maps of Battlefield 2042 will be the chosen scenarios for this mode. From EA DICE they emphasize that “every bullet and every decision counts”. Selecting your equipment, drawing up your strategy and adapting to the situation will be key elements to be able to survive a new day. You will have a limited time to complete the mission and only two extraction zones that will appear randomly. The greater the risk, the greater the reward, but you will be exposed to die and lose everything you have achieved in that game.

The company introduces an exclusive economy in this way: black market credits. Depending on the value of the data you extract, you will receive an amount of these coins, which you can invest in new equipment for your next interventions. Expanding your tools will be essential when you face other better prepared squads.


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