Battlefield 2042 Unveils New Experts and Their Post-Beta Changes


Battlefield 2042: The bta period of a game is not only for players to have a chance to get a taste of what lies ahead, but mainly for the developer to gather information about what needs to be changed or improved in the game. And that’s exactly what DICE is doing with Battlefield 2042, releasing in a new post on its official blog some of the changes it will make based on player feedback.

The trailer above came with the blog post. Responding to some complaints about their Specialists, DICE decided to make it very clear that they are an important part of the game that will not be taken away. So the developer showed the rest of the options to the players, wanting to imply that the balance will be more interesting with everyone available, since in the beta it was only possible to play with four of them.

For those who didn’t follow the fans’ impressions, the Experts were criticized for drastically altering the game’s class system, something that didn’t please a good part of the longtime gamers of the franchise.

But some things will actually be changed. The developer listed some examples (in free translation):

Number of tanks increased in Orbital. From four to eight on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5.
Movement changes include sideways movement on swipe, the ability to jump over moving objects, and a decrease in jump spam
Added an indicator for nearby grenades
Entry and exit animations have been made shorter, with some completely removed
Fixed elevators so you see less awkward behavior at the doors

DICE’s list of plans for Battlefield 2042 after the beta is quite extensive, so it’s worth checking out the original post for those who want to know all the details about the game.


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