Battlefield 2042: They Admit That Some Changes Are Taking Too Long


Battlefield 2042: The launch of the new installment of the saga has not been without problems, so the studio continues to work on solutions. As has happened with other big budget video games, Battlefield 2042 has faced a difficult first few months, in which EA DICE has had to work tirelessly to put out each of the fires that have been lit. Justin Biebe, Design Director of Ripple Effect (formerly DICE L.A.) has admitted to a user complaint about progression in Battlefield Portal.

“Thanks for bringing this up. You are not wrong! It’s taking us too long to figure this out. Something that should have been simple is turning out to be quite complex, but…wait for an update next week.” According to the developer, the studio works with a phased approach that will serve to improve progression in Battlefield Portal and the rest of the modalities.

Other questions about Rush mode

The creative has also taken the opportunity to answer other questions from fans, such as the one formulated by a follower about the possibility that Portal maps may be available in Battlefield 2042′s Rush mode. “This is definitely something we can investigate. This is something that can also be built in Portal”. As for the options of adding a rules editor and other objective-based modes, Biebe anticipates that it will be difficult, because it has to be done from scratch.

Battlefield 2042 is an exclusively multiplayer video game, a change from previous installments in the saga, which did include a campaign. The title went on sale last November on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

The future of the series is to create “an interconnected world with shared characters and narratives.” EA also highlighted the value of community-created content on Portal. It is to be expected, therefore, new projects set in the futuristic universe of this particular installment.