Battlefield 2042 Shows Some Irish Gameplay


Battlefield 2042 is slowly approaching its release, which takes place on October 22nd. Until then, we’ll have a chance to see a lot of the game being shown piecemeal, like the little gameplay teaser we had today, the 17th of August. In the quick video, we can see the Irish expert setting up his instant walls.

Kimble “Irish” Graves is featured as an engineer and has “veteran” as a trait. His main gadget is the DCS Deployable Cover-as it’s called in the game. In practice, it’s a wall that can be placed almost anywhere on the map instantly and act as cover for the player and their teammates.

In addition to the DCS, Irish carries with him the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, which is also shown briefly in the video, but I can’t really understand its action at the moment. The website describes the gadget as being able to shoot down explosive projectiles.

The Veteran trait also grants Irish armor and additional bonuses from downed enemies.

And as it should be in a modern triple A release, the tweet also talks about pre-sales. After thrilling players with the gameplay, the official Battlefield account also announced that anyone who buys Battlefield 2042 before launch will receive the “legendary skin” called Battle Hardened for Irisih. It’s a camouflage outfit in another color that comes with a hood instead of a helmet.


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