Battlefield 2042: portal mode will not need more hard drive or SSD space


Battlefield 2042: We spoke with Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director, about the builder of this modality. This week we had the opportunity to attend an event of a Battlefield 2042 preview thanks to Electronic Arts and the DICE studio where they presented the modality: Portal. After this presentation, we chatted with Justin Wiebe, Senior Director of Game Design, and were able to ask him specific questions about technical aspects of this new mode.


Justin Wiebe: What we are doing when the game debuts is something really exciting for us, we will have the opportunity to play what the community is building and we will surely be surprised by the things that they will be able to create. We are going to select and highlight some of those experiences that people are creating, and they will be on our main Battlefield page for other people to play. Surely we are going to learn a lot from everything that the players are creating, for example, we will see the game of pure pistols where the players will play games only with these, all this will help us understand what they are looking for and surely we will empower all these creation options so that they can go further and further. What we are looking for is to see what the community and their experiences are doing, above all to listen to them to see what they want to build or do.


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