Battlefield 2042 players are not leaving their XP farms


The Battlefield 2042 XP servers dev team quickly got into action. Players are making XP servers with PORTAL.

Battlefield 2042 was released for those who pre-ordered it yesterday. The full release date is set as November 19. There are new game modes of Battlefield 2042, PORTAL is one of them. PORTAL mode has an interface to Battlefield 2042 that allows players to create new game modes. You can make the game mode you want through the PORTAL. Some players thought of doing this to gain XP.

Battlefield 2042 XP servers pit bots and players against each other

In game modes developed to gain XP, a handful of players have to play against a large enemy force. Although these are bots, situations can sometimes change. For example, 5 players can fight against 64-person enemy bots. Bots are given either knives or pistols so that players can gain fast XP. These servers are often full, but players who want to enter the server can also be thrown into the bot team. In this case, the player who falls into the bot team is in a disadvantageous position.

It is debatable how effective this game mode, called XP farms, is. Because developer DICE stated that it has released an update that will shake up the effectiveness of XP farms. Still, these servers are the favorite of the players. It was confirmed by the developer team before the game was released that such game modes can be made with PORTAL. Still, DICE’s taking such action has contradicted itself.

DICE previously stated that XP can be adjusted (with a certain limit) in game modes when introducing PORTAL. BattlefieldComm announced the changes in a new tweet. Any mods in the Battlefield PORTAL will no longer contain XP edits. Players will not be able to make settings to gain XP easily in the game modes they have developed.