Battlefield 2042: Player Proposes Respawn Screen With Less Clicks


Battlefield 2042 has been experiencing some issues since its release, but perhaps DICE didn’t think its HUD and GUI design would be among them. But the fact is that the screen to choose the character’s respawn has been bothering some players so much that one of them decided to propose his own solution to the situation.

This is a Deploy Screen concept for BF2042 – No Vehicle Categories | Fewer Clicks To Navigate | Exact Details On Squad Gadgets And Current Status. Thoughts? from battlefield2042

The image above was posted by a person who signs as Marshen, on Reddit. It’s a much cleaner concept for Battlefield 2042‘s respawn screen that’s main goal is to reduce the number of clicks the player has to do to get important information before deciding where to pop up in battle. Most of the crucial data is already displayed, and others will need less button presses to find.

Most of the comments are quite complimentary of the concept made by Marshen, preferring this version over what is currently available in the game. Some of the answers point to similarities to the screen look in Battlefield 4, which really seems to have been an inspiration for the concept.

It is also interesting that next to the image your designer has placed a list of the main features of the map, as well as information explaining why he made certain changes and how they look better than the original drawing on the canvas.

Battlefield 2042 is expected to receive a new patch this week, probably the last one this year. It’s a small update, so it’s not to be expected that they’ll mess with this screen for now.