Battlefield 2042 Is Losing Its Players Fast


Battlefield 2042 is losing active players at a considerable rate. After a successful release, people are abandoning the game at a rate higher than expected and the reason for this is thought to be the problems the game has had since its debut.

Information from SteamDB indicates that the game has dropped from 105,397 active players at its peak at launch to just 34,005 in the past 24 hours. It’s quite normal for a game to lose players in the days following its debut, but in this case we’re talking about a precipitous drop of 60%, something out of the ordinary.

These numbers, of course, refer to Steam, where it’s easier to get this kind of information. But consoles represent an important player base for Battlefield as well.

In order to try to get a sense of how Battlefield 2042 is doing in video games, we can look at the site True Achievments, which monitors numbers of players achieving achievements in games. There’s an achievement to get to level 15 in your game profile, and only 43% of Xbox gamers have done it – not even half. It’s a relatively low level that doesn’t require many hours of gameplay. Up to level 25 this number drops to 22% of players.

On PlayStation, Battlefield 2042 seems to be more popular. True Trophies estimates that 61% of players have achieved the level 15 trophy, passing at least half of those with the game. But until level 25 we have a considerable drop, leaving with 36% of the players.