Battlefield 2042: Graphical Comparison Between PS5, Xbox Series X | S And PC, Main Differences


Battlefield 2042: Bit Analyst compares the next-gen and computer versions of Battlefield 2042. It will officially arrive on November 19. Battlefield 2042 is now in full early access for Gold, Ultimate, or EA Play subscribers. With a launch scheduled for November 19, the first users have already been able to access the complete offer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Bits Analyst, popular YouTube content creator, has already published his technical findings on the new generation.

How does Battlefield 2042 perform on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC?

The author reveals that there are “curious differences” between the versions, but “anecdotal” in the general calculation. “It’s a good job on all platforms,” ​​he notes. Xbox Series X and PS5 run at 2160p at 60 frames per second, while Xbox Series S runs at 1260p with the same framerate target. All three use a temporary rebuilding solution, where it “seems” that PS5 applies it better to achieve “a slightly sharper result” than on Xbox Series X, although inferior in any case to the DLSS technique on PC. The computer version allows you to enable time tracing for ambient occlusion on NVIDIA cards.

The textures are similar “in most cases”, although on other PS5 “it is closer to the PC version.” For its part, Xbox Series X offers a “slight improvement” in anisotropic filtering compared to the Sony console; on PS5 the reflections “seem to have lower quality” compared to the rest of the versions.

In terms of performance, PS5 and Xbox Series X “suffer some occasional drops, being more common” in the first. And what about Xbox Series S? The Analyst assures that he maintains “a practically perfect framerate”. However, it loses in other settings, such as lower quality of textures, worse anisotropic filtering, less vegetation and lower resolution of reflections.