Battlefield 2042 Dropped Out Of The Top 50 Most Played On Xbox


Battlefield 2042 may have been one of the few releases in the FPS genre to hit stores last year, but that didn’t stop it from being seen as a failure. With low sales, the title does not stop losing players, even generating rumors about a possible free-to-play version.

The loss of the player base is already being reflected, for example, in the list of the most popular on Microsoft consoles. The latest entry in EA’s war series has disappeared from the Top 50 Most Played on Xbox.

A quick look shows that BF 2042 has achieved the feat of being behind games like Marvel’s Avengers, considered one of the most troubled releases of recent times. Older releases such as For Honor, FIFA 2020 and Overwatch are also listed among the fifty most popular among Brazilian audiences on Xbox.

Both in the listings for Brazil and the United States, the Electronic Arts game is not among the 50 most played games on MS consoles. In the United Kingdom, the title even managed to stay on the list — but down there, at number 44. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Vanguard, from competitor Activision, despite not being perfect, remains at position 32 in the Brazilian Top 50.

Some could justify that much of the list of the most played on Microsoft consoles consists of titles available on subscription services, such as Game Pass and EA Play. However, it is important to highlight the state of BF 2042, considered one of the worst games in the series so far and also rejected on other platforms.

The game’s situation at launch was so bad that Steam, for example, even offered a refund to everyone who purchased the EA title on the platform, even if they didn’t meet all the requirements for the return.