Battlefield 2042 Details Its Most Recent Changes


Battlefield 2042 brings a renewed focus on multiplayer in a way the series hasn’t seen in many years. Thus, the game also makes constant changes, seeking improvements and balance, like the most recent ones that were announced on the game’s official Twitter account.

For starters, Breakthrough mode has received important balancing changes. PC and next-gen player teams will now start with a larger number of tickets, going from 400 to 600. Taking a sector will also start to reward more with 300 tickets. Past generation players, on PS4 and Xbox One, will also have an increase, but on a smaller scale: teams start with 300 tickets and take a sector awards with 150 tickets. That’s because on these consoles there are only 64 players maximum.

In addition to seeking balance in Breakthrough mode, DICE also announced that it will need to tinker with some equipment. For starters, the company returned the Dozer’s ballistic shield, which had been removed from the game for some tweaks and refinements.