Battlefield 2042 Could Get A Free-To-Play Version, According To Rumors


The release of Battlefield 2042 is consolidating itself as one of the most problematic for a title in the franchise. Now, even though the game has been a considerable success, the rumor of the time says that EA is very disappointed with its performance in the debut, and would be considering new options for the game, which could even include a free-to-play version. !

The information comes from the above tweet by Tom Henderson, who has a good insider track record in the gaming industry. Loosely translated, he says: “EA is reportedly very disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 fared and is ‘looking at all options’ in regards to the title, and that includes looking at free-to-play in some form.”

Henderson also said that he would bring more information on the matter today, January 21st, but as of this writing, he has not yet returned to talk about the rumor.

“Free-to-play in some capacity” certainly indicates that it wouldn’t be a full version of the game as we know it now. Perhaps it refers to some limited access to modes, or with less content – ​​but for the moment we can only speculate.

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have few players, and it was one of the best-selling games of 2021. But it’s clear that EA’s expectations for one of its biggest franchises are quite ambitious, and the developer is certainly not happy with the public’s perception of the game. game, with some players even rooting for your flop.