Battlefield 2042 Could Be The Name of The Next Game in The Franchise


Battlefield 2042: According to a rumor, Battlefield 6 may be called Battlefield 2042. The rumor came from Discord by insider Tom Henderson, who is responsible for making public all the information we have about the game from EA so far.

According to information posted on Discord, in addition to the name being Battlefield 2042 (a reference to the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142 games), there will be interesting news in the multiplayer part of the game. Apparently, the maps will be the biggest in the franchise to date: each sector of the scenario will be the size of an entire Battlefield 3 map.

However, to balance the point conquests of such a gigantic place a little, the information suggests that each dominated sector cannot be retaken by the enemy. The leaks also suggest that each squad may have a “Professional”, a Battlefront 2 hero of sorts, but with less power: in the game, he may have one or two special gadgets. As an example, the doctor will have healing darts to help from a distance. In addition, each squad will be able to order vehicles such as jeeps, tanks and more.

Rumors conclude that each map will have some dynamic elements, such as hurricanes and tornadoes (not all maps have tornadoes, which can throw cars; hurricanes only lift vehicles. In the leaked information, it is also mentioned that players will have wingsuits and one sort of a hook to get around in. Finally, it’s said that there will be 128-player matches (64 versus 64) and crossplay after launch (but not for Xbox One and PS4).

Are the Battlefield 2042 rumors real? We’ll have to wait for the reveal trailer, which arrives tomorrow (9).


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