Battlefield 2042 Boasts Improvements In Its New PC Trailer


New trailer for Battlefield 2042, this time focused on the PC version and the improvements that will be introduced for NVIDIA graphics cards. EA DICE’s game will implement some features designed for GeForce RTX, such as DLSS technology, which increases graphics performance using artificial intelligence.

The lighting will be enhanced by ray tracing and ambient occlusion, while the latency system will improve thanks to NVIDIA Reflex.

Battlefield’s first non-binary character confirmed

Some players did not escape the fact that Electronic Arts had not used pronouns when referring to Sundance, a new character that will be present in Battlefield 2042. Finally, an EA CM officially confirmed that it is a non-binary character . “Sundance likes to live on the edge. His skill and fearless attitude hide two very different lives: a more recent one as a model soldier in the Armée de Terre and an earlier and much darker one as a trusted member of a major Parisian crime syndicate, ”says his official description.

Battlefield 2042 is scheduled for November 19. The original plan was to launch it in October, but the studio needed a little more time to refine the product before it hit stores. EA DICE has not done without previous-generation consoles, although PS4 and Xbox One players will see the number of users who play at the same time reduced. It will also see the light of day on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

Those who have pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate Edition will be able to start playing early, starting on November 12. From that date, these users will be able to enjoy all the content available at launch.