Battlefield 2042 Announces Measures Against Toxic Behavior In Multiplayer


Battlefield 2042: EA DICE outlines the tools for reporting toxic players within the Battlefield 2042 community, improved over other installments. Electronic Arts remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a healthy online community free from toxic behaviors. Battlefield 2042 is the next title to benefit from this trend. From the company they explain the measures they will take to offer players the necessary tools to report those who break the rules.

For fair play

From EA DICE they have designed a process with which to report clearly and concisely those cheating players or whose attitude does not fall within the tolerance space indicated by the study. “With S, we have redirected our reporting process to make it more efficient so that you can report the player and can return directly to the game,” they reveal.

The process takes just four steps from one game:

From player and squad list or social menu, select the player you would like to report.

Select ‘Report’.

You will get a menu with the following options: text chat abuse, voice chat abuse, cheating, gameplay sabotage, offensive player name or harassment.

Click on ‘Send Report’ and the process will be finished. Before doing so, you can send an optional comment if you see it necessary.


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