Battleborn says goodbye: shut down its servers


Gearbox issues a statement to inform about the end of support for the game and the consequent immediate closure of its online infrastructure.

Gearbox Software has confirmed the closure of the Battleborn servers dated this January 31, 2021. The title, which tried to open a gap in the busy market for competitive online multiplayer video games with hero-shooter and MOBA elements, says goodbye as well the panorama and prevents you from continuing to play. Any Battleborn user has since February 1, therefore, a useless video game.

Gearbox Says Goodbye to Battleborn; a failed hero shooter attempt

Farewell to Battleborn is the chronicle of a death foretold. Distributed by 2K Games, the creators of Borderlands tried their luck with the emerging genre of shooter titles with very different characters. There were elements of his fetish saga, but also a willingness to do what did sink deep into Overwatch at the hands of Blizzard Entertainment.

“The Battleborn servers have been disabled and the game is no longer playable,” they comment. “We are extremely proud of the work that went into the title and we want to extend our deep appreciation to the community,” they expand, attaching the direct statement to their website.

Please note that the Battleborn servers have been deactivated and the game is no longer playable. We’re extremely proud of the work that went into the game and want to extend our deep appreciation to the community. To learn more, please refer to this FAQ.

The end of Battleborn is consummated now, but it began long, years ago. It was back at the end of 2017, just a year after the original premiere of the title on PS4, Xbox One and PC, when the developer released the last update, the fall update of that course, with new manager, outfits, titles and finishers. Not even the launch of a free version with access to all maps and modes managed to get the situation back. It was not until November 2019 that the unpleasant news was announced: Battleborn would say goodbye at the beginning of 2021. From there, a succession of restrictions that have been materializing little by little; starting with the withdrawal of the purchase of the virtual currency of payment of the game.

In the original MeriStation review, we rated Battleborn 7.5 out of 10 and classed it as a remarkable mix between what Borderlands already offered and what had also been established for years with an inexhaustible community, League of Lefends. “Battleborn is a game with a unique playable proposal, and it is precisely this attempt to find something different that this time has played a trick on it. It offers a very interesting potential, its gameplay shines in many aspects, such as its Raid Mode or the confrontations of its campaign, but it can be somewhat monotonous at other times ”.


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