Battle and Wearable Items from Pokémon Unite; how to improve them and effects


Pokémon Unite: We collect all the Pokémon Unite held or equippable and battle objects, their effects, statistics and how to improve them up to level 20. If you have played a few games in Pokémon Unite, you will have already seen how important objects are to get out of many dangerous situations. Regardless of which Pokémon you control, your game performance will depend a lot on the battle and equippable items you have selected. As part of our complete guide, we tell you how to improve them and what their effects are so that you can get the most out of them.

Held Items

Held items are purchased from the store and must be leveled up to reach their full potential (we’ll explain how to improve them later).

Rocky Helmet (Serrated Helmet)

If the Pokémon carrying this item takes damage, it will reflect some of it (3% / 4% / 5%) to a nearby opponent based on their maximum health. It is an ideal defensive object for the tank role. In addition, it grants the following improvements:

+240 HP
+42 Defense

Assault Vest

Grants a shield against special attacks (9% / 12% 15%) to the character who has it equipped when out of combat. It is an ideal defensive object for the tank role. It also grants:

+270 HP
+42 Special Defense


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