Battery Times of All iPhones with iOS 13.4 Tested (Video)


IOS 13.4, which Apple is expected to send to iPhone users in the coming days, has taken a battery performance test. The new iOS version performed worse than the previous iOS version, 13.3.1.

Apple released a new beta version for iOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems about two weeks ago. Among the beta versions released by the company, the version released for iOS was the fifth and final beta version released for this operating system.

IOS 13.4, which Apple is expected to release publicly recently, has been put into a test by developers today. Downloading the beta version released by Apple for developers and testers, iAppleBytes measured how iOS 13.4 provides battery performance on iPhone devices.

Battery performance of iOS 13.4 operating system was tested:
iAppleBytes put multiple iPhones to the test, not satisfied with one phone to measure the battery performance of iOS 13.4. The iPhone models that the YouTube channel tested were iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

Each iPhone device put into the battery benchmark test in Geekbench’s application gave an unexpected result. As you can see in the video below, all devices except iPhone XR experienced a decrease in battery performance with the new version of iOS. The battery performances of the devices in iOS 13.4 and iOS 13.3.1 were as follows:

iPhone SE: 3 hours 3 minutes -> 3 hours
iPhone 6S: 3 hours 20 minutes -> 3 hours 9 minutes
iPhone 7: 3 hours 42 minutes -> 3 hours 26 minutes
iPhone 8: 3 hours 27 minutes -> 3 hours 20 minutes
iPhone XR: 6 hours 4 minutes -> 6 hours 12 minutes (Single development device.)
iPhone 11: 6 hours 59 minutes -> 6 hours 8 minutes

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IOS 13.4 operating system, which could not improve on battery performance in the last tests, will be sent to Apple devices on March 24 according to estimates. Only then will we be able to see if the results of the test mentioned in our article will be the same in the last version.

Video of iOS 13.4 battery performance test:


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