Battery Time Tested of All iPhones Using iOS 13.5.1 (Video)


With the new updates released, smart phones sometimes get new features and sometimes only security holes are fixed. This new iOS update, where vulnerabilities have been fixed, seems to have negatively impacted the battery life of phones, rather than improvements.

Apple users have installed iOS 13.5.1, which was released recently, on their phones. Although the update was not released to all Apple devices, it was available to iPhone 6S and higher devices.

We can say that iOS 13.5.1, the latest mobile operating system released by Apple, serves a particular purpose. Apple has made some improvements on the security side with the update, which wants to avoid the event called ‘jailbreak’, which is done with some programs installed on the phones and removes the restrictions of the phone. So, do these improvements affect the battery performance of the devices?

Apple iOS 13.5.1 version badly affects the battery

The YouTube channel iAppleBytes has made a video, wondering in which direction the new update affects phone batteries. The followers said in the comments that the devices that received the new iOS update had a time of optimization. Listening to them, iAppleBytes did this test exactly 6 days after upgrading the devices that received the update, and for 6 days the phones were waiting for testing, with the chargers connected.

This battery test was done by iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and the new 2020 iPhone SE. Since we know the battery capacities they have, we don’t make any comparisons between them. We are just trying to identify how the new update has changed the battery life of phones.

It is hard to say anything about the battery performance of the phones as it seems in the video. But after ‘geekbench battery score’ comparisons, we can comfortably understand how the new iOS 13.5.1 has a negative impact on phones’ batteries.

It is surprising that the battery performance of the iPhone 6S released in 2015 is more stable than the iPhone 11. Of course, it should be noted that these types of test results are offered for comparison only, as real-life stability does not provide a longer period of use.


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