Battery life may increase with the iPhone 13 battery!


Although the iPhone 12 was introduced just in October, leaks related to the iPhone 13 are already coming in. Now leaks have appeared about the iPhone 13 battery. Although it is a mystery whether the new model can be skipped by the number 13, with the new battery technology, the iPhone battery life problem may become history.

What features will the iPhone 13 battery have?

Famous iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that it will use a battery technology called a soft board for new iPhone models. New sensors and extensions used in iPhone 12 models caused the battery to be smaller than expected. Kuo, on the other hand, believes that these batteries, which are both less costly and less space-saving, will appear with new iPhone models.

Despite the technologies that require more battery life every year such as high-performance processors and AMOLED displays, the iPhone could not take a step forward for battery life. This new battery technology will allow much thinner and smaller batteries to be produced.

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This battery technology is based on a new type of electronic circuit technology called soft board. These circuits work with the help of liquid crystals that provide high speed with low latency, which we call LCP. Thus, much faster, much more efficient and smaller batteries are expected to be produced.

The technology that will provide larger battery size in smaller areas enables the production of thinner batteries. This seems to pave the way for the production of both thinner and lighter smartphones.

These circuits, which were introduced with the iPhone 8 and started to be used in LTE antennas, seem to create the expected battery revolution for both the new iPhone and the smartphones of the future.


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