Batman’s Two-Faced Villain Becomes a Real Nightmare in Redesign


The duality-obsessed Batman villain known as Two-Face is taking his name to frightening new heights in a new cover. Illustrator Stanley “Artgerm” Lau demonstrates Harvey Dent in such a way that fans are speechless.

For decades, former District Attorney Harvey Dent has terrorized the streets of Gotham City in the guise of a grotesque crime boss. After being doused with acid that disfigured half of his body, Dent becomes a Two-faced villain and is determined to rule Gotham’s underworld. As part of his “opposite sides” trick, Dent uses a coin to determine the actions he takes, which makes the Two-Faced Batman the most unpredictable villain. Despite his tragic fall, Two-Face has proven to be one of the most ruthless members of Batman’s rogues gallery and has consistently been one of the Dark Knight’s most difficult opponents.

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DC previously announced Batman – One Bad Day, a series of one-shot stories that explore some of Bruce Wayne’s greatest villains. Each villain will pass a kind of test that will show what he is really capable of, after he has his own “bad day”. If Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s cover version for Harvey Dent’s single means anything, it looks like Batman’s recurring villain, Two-Face, is about to have the worst day of all. The cover depicts a Two-faced man, and his scarless side looks quite menacing. But his opposite side has moved to a new level of horror with a scarred face stretching far beyond where it should have been naturally. Dent seems indifferent as his Two-faced side seems to dominate his head, leaving behind damaged musculature. The scarred side looks at the viewer with its trademark grimace and bloodshot eye, but leaves a much more disturbing impression than usual.

The Artgerm cover does not bode well for Dent in his upcoming vanshot. Two-Face’s “bad Day” may not be good for Gotham, but Harvey Dent may just become an even worse and even more tortured version of himself. The petitions seem to imply that Harvey is actually on the verge of leaving Two-Face forever. But, according to the cover, Two-Face’s personality is simply too strong for Dent to escape for a long time.

Years after its creation, Two-Face was changed to be an alter caused by Harvey Dent’s dissociative identity disorder. After the accident, Harvey had a disagreement with his criminal identity, and Two-Face generally gained control of his body. Since his villainous origin, Harvey Dent has been able to seize control from time to time, showing that the once-noble district attorney is still there, somewhere deep inside the supervillain. But if this new cover is any indication, it seems that Harvey’s bad day won’t just bring back the evil man. Instead, Batman’s former friend may actually lose the war for control, forever putting Two-Face in charge of his body.