Batman’s Party: Naya Rivera’s son (†) Josie is seven years old


Josie Hollis Dorsey (7) threw a big party! After the death of Glee actress Naya Rivera ( ✝ 33) in 2020, her son had to go through several stages without a mother. Her unexpected death presented the baby and his father Ryan Dorsey (39) with unexpected trials, but they fought bravely. And now they have another reason to be happy: Josie has just turned seven!

Taking to Instagram, Ryan shared a few snaps capturing Josie’s special day, and it seemed like the duo were thrilled. “My dear seven-year-old boy, growing too fast. I love you more than the earth, which loves the sun, my son,” were the loving words of the proud father. On the occasion of his honor day, there was also a big Batman party for a seven-year-old boy. The mini-hero seemed to like the superhero theme as he grinned broadly at the sight of the Batman cake.

Only in June, little Josie had a big change: he was able to successfully finish kindergarten and is now looking forward to school. Satisfied, he presented his farewell certificate, and Ryan was happy: “I’m so proud to be your father.”


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