Batman’s New Screenwriter Reveals The Dark Knight’s Greatest Weapon


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #125

A new era has come for the main DC Comics Batman series, and its new author has already made the most of the Dark Knight’s greatest weapon. Although Bruce Wayne doesn’t have superpowers like Superman or The Flash, he is in great shape as a vigilante and has perfected many impressive skills over the years. However, Chip Zdarski really focused on Batman’s true power as a superhero, which goes beyond any other tool that the Caped Crusader could use: fear.

Starting with the new Batman #125, Chip Zdarski takes over as the writer of the ongoing DC series starring the Dark Knight. Joining Jorge Jimenez on one of the most popular titles and characters of the publishing house, Zdarski proved that he was well prepared for work, for example, Batman: Knight, a mini-series dedicated to Bruce Wayne’s years of study abroad, as well as current Marvel Comics projects. The series “Daredevil” (which he will still be writing with Batman).

After just one release, Zdarksy has already managed to capture what makes Batman so charming as a vigilante: his ability to instill fear in Gotham criminals. While supervillains naturally pose a big problem, the Dark Knight should be terrifying to the average criminal, a concept that can sometimes be lost considering how prominent Batman is in pop culture. However, there are several instances in Batman #125 where Batman is downright scary, speaking from the shadows before lunging at a thug who is nothing but prey to the predator that is the Dark Knight.

Batman #125 contains even more moments than the one above, where Batman is the true embodiment of horror. Not only does he threaten to blow the terrified Clay Face to pieces with explosives that he secretly planted in the villain’s system during their last meeting, but he’s barely bothered at the end of the issue after Penguin faked his death to frame the Dark Knight, making it look like Batman killed him. According to Bruce, “anyway, it helped me. Criminals are more scared. Crime has decreased.” It’s an insanely bleak prospect, but it highlights the benefits of shocking death and how it potentially helps Batman’s crusade (the only thing he’s focused on right now).

Taking all these points into account, it becomes clear that Chip Zdarski is the right person to work as a new DC screenwriter along with Jimenez’s amazing art. It will be very interesting to see where the Dark Knight goes next with one of his Robins in the hospital, coupled with the fact that Bruce’s life is no longer in balance, actually being a Caped Crusader day and night. Having gained access to Batman’s greatest weapon and using it incredibly intensively, it becomes clear that a completely new era of the Dark Knight will be incredibly epic.