Batman’s New Mech Makes Him the Ultimate Defender of the DC Universe


Warning! Spoilers for DC: Mech #1 from DC Comics

In a world where DC’s greatest heroes have turned to mechanical armor to fight the greatest threats to the universe, Batman has become the ultimate defender of the Earth. In DC Comics’ DC: Mech #1, the Dark Knight is among those who built massive armor to protect the planet from a powerful cosmic attack, which is shown to cause significant damage, ending the original era of heroes.

DC: Mech is a brand new limited series from DC Comics by Kenny Porter, Baldermar Rivas, Mike Spicer and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, representing a world in which the greatest heroes, including Batman, Superman and Flash, act as heroes. in giant mechanical armor. The decision to put on the armor was made after the Justice Society of America lost several members after Darkseid sent a giant Parademon to Earth, crushing even the most powerful hero, Dr. Faith. Decades later, Batman becomes the defender of Earth, using his robot to fight space villains while dealing with the arrival of another type of alien, Superman.

In DC Mech #1 from DC Comics, the comic begins with the fact that the era of heroes ends after the Justice Society suffers numerous losses from a single giant-sized Parademon. Then, years later, a new era of heroes begins, as both heroes and villains act in giant armor, and their usual costumes are exchanged for amazing robots. Among them is Batman, who solemnly appears with the Flash, calling himself the “defender” of the Earth.

Batman’s black and yellow mechanical suit looks like a life-size version of the Dark Knight as he helps his fellow hero destroy armored villains. Readers see Batman’s costume in action when Darkseid sends more Parademons to Earth, forcing him to carry out several attacks, including a missile strike of his mech. After all, Superman appears on stage for the first time in the universe. Kal-El helps defeat the villains and introduces himself, but immediately makes enemies of Batman, who throws him to the ground, calling him a “hostile alien” who may be part of the Parademon army. It’s obvious that Batman and Superman didn’t know each other in this world.

Bruce Wayne saw what Darkseid’s Parademons were capable of, and took it upon himself to create armor powerful enough to defeat them when needed. Thus, Batman’s new mechanical suit is frightening, as he has taken on the role of defender of the Earth. Nevertheless, without Superman’s help, Batman and his robot could be finished, even if the Dark Knight does not think so. DC Mech #1 from DC Comics is already in stores.


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