Batman’s Insider armor made him one man from the Justice League


After being replaced as Batman, Bruce Wayne returned to the DC universe with his insider armor, a new suit that made him the sole Justice League with the incredible abilities of his teammate. In one of his strangest disguises, Batman has returned from the dead in a brand new costume capable of mimicking the powers of Superman, Flash, Aquaman and the rest of the Justice League heroes. However, there was one huge drawback: every time Wayne used the ability, it consumed significant energy of his suit.

In the “Bruce Wayne: The Road Home” series of vanspots from DC Comics, Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City after he was apparently killed by Darkseid during Final Crisis. However, when he returned to his city, the world he once knew looked completely different, as Dick Grayson became the new Batman, and Bruce’s son Damian became his Robin. While the former Batman eventually revealed himself, he assumed a new Insider identity with new armor, making him a one-man Justice League, which was one of the most powerful suits the Dark Knight has ever worn.

In the series “Bruce Wayne: The Road Home” Batman can be seen in the costume of an Insider with numerous abilities of the Justice League. In a battle with Red Robin, he uses thermal vision (like Superman’s) to cut the car in half. In a later release, the Insider uses the willpower mode of his suit (Green Lantern) to send a powerful charge of energy into the armed villain. In Veritas mode, he recreates Wonder Woman’s lasso to extract the truth from his opponents using sensors such as a polygraph test. His most impressive strength is his Speed Force (Flash) mode, in which he connects to Speed Force after Batgirl reveals him after using his camouflage abilities (Martian Hunter) to escape using super speed.

Batman’s insider suit proved to be incredibly effective, but it had a significant weakness that made the armor unstable in the long run. Every time Bruce Wayne used one of his Justice League-based abilities, it drew energy from the suit and caused it to recharge before he could use it again. Thus, although the suit was incredible, it had significant limitations when using force.

After all, the Insider costume was an effective disguise, as Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City to keep an eye on what had changed since he left. With the powers of the Justice League, Batman was able to use some incredible abilities that helped him in his return. However, due to the limitations associated with the use of energy, the Insider suit became a temporary armor for Batman, as he soon returned to his usual role in the DC universe.