Batman’s greatest villains in the spotlight in the epic trailer for “One Bad Day”

The Dark Knight’s greatest enemies are about to play the main roles in a series of vanshots for DC Batman: One Bad Day. To promote the final stories of the villains, DC has released a trailer that hints at the trials and tribulations that Batman’s opponents will face.
DC introduced the Batman: One Bad Day series back in May with a slew of cryptic tweets and teasers. The title, of course, goes back to the memorable remark of the Joker in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s “Killer Joke”, where the villain claimed that “one bad day” is enough to change someone forever. Just as “Killer Joke” served as an epic, cult story for the villain, “Batman: One Bad Day” wannabes will put other caped Crusader antagonists in the lead roles. Two-Face, Riddler, Catwoman and others get stories that will show what they are really made of.
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As anticipation for the debut of the first release of One Bad Day continues, DC has released a trailer on YouTube and other social networks. To give readers an idea of what to expect from future books, the trailer has a dark tone from the very beginning, showing Gotham’s burning cult location Arkham Asylum. Viewers are told that they are about to see “the Dark Knight’s worst enemies in their greatest stories!” After that, a dramatic chorus begins, when every villain featured in the Batman: One Bad Day books is showcased along with a creative team that will create new, definitive stories. As the music grows, the covers of each book are displayed, as well as information that each book is a 64-page prestigious format and that the books will be available from August 2022.
If there’s one thing that can be said about the trailers that DC Comics uses to promote their books, it’s that they set the tone exactly. The dramatic overture, together with the creepy aesthetics of each villain, made it clear to the viewer that each frame of each character would portray them in their worst form. Just as “Killer Joke” serves as an evergreen exploration of the Joker’s characters, “Batman: One Bad Day” is a chance for DC to create stories that explore the personalities and weaknesses of Batman’s expanded rogues gallery.
“Killer Joke” is a laudatory story due to the fact that it focuses on Batman’s greatest opponent. The Joker’s psychological torture of Commissioner Gordon was an unsettling look at how the Joker acts and what he believes in. But the raw intensity of this story helped it stay in the public consciousness for many years after its publication. Few villains in the Batman canon have a story comparable to a “Killer Joke,” but this new footage could change that. By showing the Dark Knight’s enemies at their worst, they have the potential to finally get a violent story that shows what they are beyond their tricks. Judging by the trailer for “Batman: One Bad Day,” these stories are just around the corner.