Batman’s Father Secretly Poses the Greatest Threat to All DC Realities

Warning! Ahead of the Flashpoint Beyond #3 spoilers
In the latest issue of Flashpoint Beyond, it was revealed that Batman’s father poses the greatest threat to countless DC Comics realities. Having been displaced from his home reality for many years in the current continuity, Thomas Wayne struggles with the fact that the Flashpoint universe has somehow returned. Believing that nothing matters and that his primary mission is to get everything back to how it should be, Batman’s recklessness from the Flashpoint may well be the end of everything.
As seen in previous issues of “Flashpoint Beyond” by Jeff Jones, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan, Xermanico, Mikel Giannina, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Geordie Bellaire from DC comics, Thomas Wayne found himself back in his own dark reality, the same created Flash Barry Allen created when he returned to the past. to save his mother. While the Flashpoint was destroyed when The Flash restored the timeline (as far as he could), the Reverse Flash saved Batman Thomas Wayne by turning him into a living paradox as punishment for his murder. Now the Ignition Point universe has somehow returned, and Thomas is horrified to find himself back in the timeline where he and his wife lived while his son Bruce died.
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Believing that nothing matters in the universe he is trying to erase, Thomas has already tried to endow the Flashpoint with Barry Allen’s power during a thunderstorm, as they did the first time. Unfortunately, the attempt failed due to a conspiracy of forces against him (which led to Allen’s death). Now his violent and reckless actions have led to a meeting with Superman Flashpoint in the new Flashpoint Beyond #3. While Superman needs Batman’s help to prevent a Kryptonian invasion, Thomas Wayne refuses to help as he is more focused on erasing his world to restore his son’s world (rather than saving the Flashpoint universe). However, it seems that Thomas Wayne’s present and future actions will pose a serious danger to every existing reality, according to time masters Jeff Smith and Bonnie Baxter, who are currently traveling in the time realm through DC hypertime.
Although the Universe can be attacked by the Great Darkness, as seen in the current Dark Crisis crossover, the Time Lords confirm that it is relatively more stable than Hypertime. Essentially, Hypertime consists of a set of alternate realities created by discrepancies in the main DC timeline (for example, Flashpoint). Apparently, the biggest thing that can damage this very complex time stream is paradoxes (just like the Reverse Flash and Thomas Wayne’s Batman).
Although it is unknown what Wayne’s next steps will be, it seems they risk causing serious damage to countless realities. In addition, he does not yet realize that his son Bruce is still alive and engaged in his own research into the nature of the multiverse and beyond. We hope that DC realities will outlive Batman and his living father paradox in future releases.