Batman: The Long Halloween – DC animation gets trailer


The animated film Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 1 won its first trailer, focusing on investigations by the Dark Knight to uncover a series of murders in Gotham during the holiday season. The attraction will be based on one of the most acclaimed comic strips of the DC superhero, written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale, and highlights the detective side of the character.

The preview, in a scary and violent tone, begins by showing the partnership between the vigilante, still in early career, with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent, to overthrow a mobster scheme of the Falcone family. However, when they realize that more mysterious deaths still happen during Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will set out to reveal the real identity of the serial killer responsible for the acts, nicknamed Holiday. Check out!

Due to the complex and dense arc of the plot, Batman: The Long Halloween will be divided into two parts, and will arrive on Blu-ray and in the form of rental on digital platforms, still with no definite date. It is worth pointing out a change in the style of animation in relation to other productions in the DC universe, by bringing traits similar to the Batman game developed by Telltale Games, launched in 2016.

In addition, the title will feature a new voice cast, consisting of Jensen Ackles (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Josh Duhamel (Harvey Dent), Billy Burke (Jim Gordon), Troy Baker (Joker) and the latest performance of actress Naya Rivera (Selina Kyle / Catwoman), who died last year.


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