Batman the dinosaur from DC needs to make huge changes to his origin


Warning: Contains spoilers for Jurassic League #2!

The dinosaur version of the DC Justice League includes many dinosaur versions of the company’s famous superheroes, but the analogue of the Batman dinosaur requires major changes in its Batman origin. Released in 2022, the mini-series tells the story of the lives of several dinosaurs who unite to confront a common threat. Jurassic League #2 begins with Batman, who is called Batzaur here, as he desperately tries to avoid the “little beast”: a man who constantly follows the Dark Knight, although he is not nearly as dark as his main human version.

In the DC series Jurassic League, the whole world is populated by intelligent dinosaurs who think and talk like humans. There are no cities or advanced tools to talk about here, but some characters wear clothes or draw emblems on their chests, for example, a variant of Superman’s dinosaur, a Supersaurus. While the Supersaurus protects the villages of primitive people (he was also adopted by two when his ship crashed on Earth), some dinosaurs, such as Jokerzard, seek to harm and even kill “little beasts”, thereby forcing heroes such as the Supersaurus, Batsaurus and Vanderdon. group together.

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In Jurassic League #2, written by Juan Geddeon and Daniel Warren Johnson with art by Juan Geddeon, Batsaurus tries to leave the little beast behind while trying to hunt down Jokerzard alone. The Batsaurus, like its main human counterpart, wears a bat-shaped hood, a cape, and a bat logo on its chest (it is also armed with the dinosaur equivalent of a service belt, which includes a stabbing weapon and a hook). But his appearance does not frighten anyone, neither man nor dinosaur — for a very good reason.

In the continuation of the DC mainline, Batman disguised himself as a bat to instill fear in his enemies. “Criminals are superstitious and cowardly people,” he said in Detective Comics #33, “so my disguise should strike terror into their hearts.” While humans may rightfully be afraid of bats, dinosaurs don’t need to be afraid of small flying rodents that pose virtually no threat. Thus, his disguise only serves as a callback to the original Batman and nothing else. To make matters worse, this Batman — the Batsaurus — operates during the day, which is quite unusual for all variants of Batman (although they fight crime during daylight hours, almost all versions of Batman can most often be seen at night, which allows them to merge with other people). Shadows).

Thus, Batsaurus needs a radical change in its origin; its human origin of the Batman name no longer works. Perhaps the bat means something completely different to him; and thus to all other dinosaurs. Despite this, this Batman may not fully fit into the Jurassic League world… which, oddly enough, reflects his character, since Batman also does not fully fit into the friendly list of the Justice League.