Batman: Robert Pattinson has a new costume!

For the feature film The Batman, Robert Pattinson will appear in a magnificent costume. Photos are circulating on the Web!

Robert Pattinson’s new costume for his role as Batman promises to be a sensation. Images are circulating and already seduce his fans.

Are you impatient to find Robert Pattinson on the screen? So you can’t dream of a better place! The reason ? You will look even more beautiful than before!

Yep, the 34-year-old actor puts on the Batman costume. But not with any! Indeed, the co-star of Kristen Stewart in the Twilight saga will certainly cause a sensation.

And for good reason, her new outfit will fit her like a glove! Last February, The Batman director Matt Reeves released new images of Robert Pattinson.

Thus, it appeared in a beautiful saturated red outfit. But ultimately, the colors were changed! Thus, Batman will wear a magnificent traditional gray and black costume.


So Robert Pattinson promises to be a real sensation in this new outfit! Besides, this one promises to be even more resistant than the old ones.

And for good reason, an armor protects all his costume. After all, it’s what you need to be able to fight criminals and save the world.

But that’s not all ! The mask also appears to be of better quality. And of course, Robert Pattinson can wear the Batman logo on his chest with great pride.

In fact, internet user Leonardo Menegon shares the images of the new costume on his Instagram account. And fans of Fan Art are already in love! They love it!

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“If this is really his new costume, I will be happy! It’s a good job 🙌🏻 “,” Woooooo it’s amazing 🔥 “,” I love it! It is better than the others 🦇 ”one can read under the publication.

In any case, Batman enthusiasts are impatient to be able to discover this film. The problem ? The release was delayed due to the covid-19. We will have to be patient …

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