The Batman: Robert Pattinson was inspired by a comic to prepare his role


The Batman: Robert Pattinson was inspired by a comic to prepare his role. DC fans will be able to find the bat man in the cinema. The Batman will arrive and Robert Pattinson is preparing for his role.

DC decided to make a new film around Bruce Wayne. The Batman is in full preparation and Robert Pattinson takes his role very seriously!

DC fans learned several months ago that a new Batman was coming to the movies. Matt Reeves will make a future film called The Batman. The cast begins to unfold little by little. Thus, after Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson will slip into the shoes of Bruce Wayne. Nevertheless, his role in the film is already criticized by the fans.

DC fans can not imagine Robert Pattinson playing Batman in The Batman. Nevertheless, the actor seems rather confident for his next role and he said he was very happy to play the vigilante. In addition, the films around this character attract fans and they are very successful. Thus, the actor hopes that he will manage to impress the public and that he will embody the vigilante. For that, he gets ready!

The Batman will not arrive in movie theaters before 2021. Thus, Robert Pattinson has a little time to prepare and understand his character. For this, the actor spends a lot of time reading comics. He seems familiar with Batman and he loves to be able to read comics. Indeed, it allows him to feel a little closer to Bruce Wayne and adopt his attitudes to The Batman. “I have a lot of time to prepare myself. I did not think there were so many comics on Batman. I read a lot and not only the most classic ones. I really like reading periodic and individual arcs. It’s also nice to read the most contemporary. He said in CinemaBlend.

Thus, Robert Pattinson hopes to be at the height in The Batman. The actor will have to prove to all fans of DC that he is able to play a character so complex as the vigilante. The challenge is big but he seems ready to take up the challenge! So, we can not wait to see how he will get by.

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