Batman Reveals the One Hero He Actually Trusts the Most


Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Batman: Annual 2022 #1

In DC’s new annual installment for their ongoing Batman series, the Dark Knight reveals the vigilante hero he trusts the most. Without the funds he had as a billionaire, the Dark Knight can no longer support his global Batman Inc team. Instead, Batman hands over the reins to one of his oldest friends and allies in the DC universe: the Ghost Maker.

After the Joker War, Batman lost all his funds after most of them were stolen by the Joker himself. Bruce Wayne, who works in a mansion in Gotham with micro-bat caves all over the city, is no longer the billionaire playboy he once was. After the war with the Jokers, the Creator of Ghosts, a fellow vigilante who trained Bruce and befriended him, also returned to Batman’s life. Although the two fell out after the Ghost Maker failed to understand Bruce’s crusade in Gotham, they have since reunited and the Ghost Maker has been a frequent ally of the Bat Family after agreeing to resort to less lethal methods of justice. .

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Now it looks like the Ghost Creator will enter the Batman world even further after agreeing to take over Batman Inc. from the Dark Knight in Batman Annual 2022 #1 from Ed Brisson and John Timms. Naturally, the team of global vigilantes that Bruce hired doubts that they are led by a self-proclaimed psychopath. However, Batman confirms his decision that the Ghost Creator is the best vigilante who can take his place, proving his great trust in his old friend.

Although the Ghost Maker can be extremely arrogant, he has the skills and experience to prove his cocky attitude. Furthermore, he even tracked down every member of Batman Inc. before Batman even asked him to take over, wanting to test their skills and prove their worth (and finding them lacking). Case in point: In the rest of the release, Ghost-Maker transforms Batman’s international team into a major and minor league, where those in the lower grades will remain local heroes in their respective countries until he feels they are ready to join the major league. Thus, it seems that Batman has trusted the right vigilante for this job, and the Ghost Creator is already planning to make Batman Inc. stronger than before.

At the same time, one of the things that makes Ghost-Maker so unpredictable is his lack of empathy. Guided solely by his desire to become the best crime fighter in the world, the Ghost Creator is quite selfish and rarely makes the sacrifices that one would expect from any other hero. As a result, one has to wonder what it will look like now that Batman has entrusted him to lead Batman Inc.