Batman: One Final Scene Would Fix Bruce & Alfred’s Problem


Attention! This article contains spoilers for the Batman movie.

The inclusion of an additional scene near the end of Matt Reeves’ Batman will correct the broken dynamics of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth present in the film. The harsh noir reimagining of the Batman franchise makes many bold decisions over its nearly 3-hour duration and has received praise for its performance, script and direction. Perhaps this is one of the most daring and unexpected options. The relatively inexperienced Bruce Batman has a strained and difficult relationship with Alfred, which underscores Bruce’s sense of isolation in Gotham.

Batman introduces a relatively young Bruce Wayne, who is still figuring out how best to wear the Gotham Defender hood. Alfred is aware of his nocturnal activities and disapproves of them, showing paternal concern for Bruce during their communication. Bruce is mostly reserved, awkward and cold towards the man who raised him after the untimely death of his mother and father. When the Riddler tries to take revenge on the Wayne family, and Alfred gets trapped in an explosion intended for Bruce, the young vigilante realizes what Alfred means to him and comes to realize that his greatest fear is losing someone he cares about. They share a brief moment of understanding and empathy for their relationship.

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In their first interaction in the film, Bruce tells Alfred that he is not his father, and Alfred replies that he is well aware of this fact. The fact that there is never a moment when Bruce admits that Alfred took on the role of his father and did it in a meaningful way weakens the theme of fatherhood present in Batman and leaves a broken thread as far as their relationship is concerned. The film comes close to this in the last scene they share, when Bruce visits Alfred in the hospital and Alfred apologizes for not being the person he thought Bruce needed him to be, telling him he wasn’t a good father. While Alfred may be right in this statement, he was everything Bruce had, and Bruce seems to recognize the importance of Alfred in his life.

The theme of fathers and fatherhood permeates Reeves’ Batman. This theme plays out in the relationship of Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) with Falcone, the status of the Riddler (Paul Dano) as an abandoned orphan, Thomas Wayne’s paternal concern for Gotham, as shown in “Update”, and Bruce’s own lack of a solid father figure of that time. about his father’s death. After the hospital scene, Bruce and Alfred are never shown together again in Batman. While this leaves room for their relationship to develop in future installments, it leaves a sense of incompleteness in the film when it comes to the two of them and where the topic of fatherhood is explored. Bruce’s relationship with his only father remains suspended, and viewers can only guess how the two will be with each other in the future. The film doesn’t even get rid of all doubts that one of its most important characters— and one of the few who knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman—will survive his injuries.

A short scene could solve these problems and tie this broken thread. If Bruce and Alfred were given at least one moment like their first scene together, where Bruce would simply be less restrained towards Alfred, and there would be a warm moment between them, it would be much easier to show Bruce’s growing up and the unique positive portrayal of his father in the film. film. Something like this would serve the theme of the film more fully than the currently existing incarnation of the film, and would help Alfred feel more like an important character, which he clearly should be in Batman.