Batman Keaton’s Future in DC EU Looks Very Bad Right Now


The news that DC’s Batgirl movie won’t be shown in theaters or on HBO Max paints a pretty bleak future for Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. As a result of the recent merger of Warner Bros. and of the new regime responsible for DC movies, it seems that a $90 million Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace in the title role alongside Keaton’s Batman won’t see the light of day anytime now. soon (despite the fact that it is almost completed), if ever. So Keaton’s future with Batman is more uncertain than ever, as his only confirmed appearance should be in “The Flash,” a movie that has its own uncertainty. Similarly, recent news about Ben Affleck and his version of Batman from the DCEU potentially concerns the Dark Knight Keaton.

A Bombshell for the film industry and DCEU, Warner Bros. I decided that the best way to recover my losses from Batgirl due to the additional costs associated with COVID is not to release it at all, but instead accept it as a tax write-off. Despite the fact that the film was in the post-production stage and was almost completed, it seems that even the release of “Batgirl” on HBO Max would not bring the profit that WB is looking for. Naturally, this step caused a lot of controversy and disappointment among both viewers and film industry professionals.

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Although things look pretty bad for the DCEU in general after this news, this is especially true of the big future that is rumored to be in the works for Batman Keaton. So it seems possible that “The Flash” will be the beginning and end of Keaton’s return as the Dark Knight. Here’s what the cancellation of Batgirl means for Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader, and also what it could mean for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

What does the cancellation of “Batgirl” mean for Keaton’s return to “Batman”

Initially, Michael Keaton was supposed to return as Batman in several upcoming DC films, playing the role of Bruce Wayne, whom he played 30 years ago in the Batman films directed by Tim Burton. Starting with The Flash starring Ezra Miller, Keaton’s Batman looks set to meet the fastest living man after several multiverse journeys that will bring Barry Allen into Burton’s universe. It was also reported that Keaton was going to play a role in the subsequent movie “Batgirl”, as well as in a cameo role in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. Thus, it was rumored that Warner Bros wanted to position Keaton as the new DCEU Batman after a potential timeline reboot thanks to The Flash and his ability to change timelines (a la Flashpoint). However, it was eventually reported that Keaton’s cameo role in Aquaman 2 was cut. Combined with the news of the cancellation of Batgirl, it is now confirmed that Keaton’s Batman will only appear in The Flash.

Given that Keaton’s Batman is currently confirmed for only one movie, his future could be limited to this single appearance. It is quite possible that his role as a permanent Batman will not be at all. Similarly, it was reported that Warner Bros. still not sure what they will do with The Flash, in light of the many controversies surrounding Ezra Miller. Although at this stage the cancellation of “Flash” seems unlikely, it is clear that after “Batgirl” anything is possible.

Will the DCEU bet on Affleck’s Batman again?

Another element that raises concerns about the future of Michael Keaton and his Batman future in the DCEU is that there will still be Batman in Aquaman 2. According to Aquaman star Jason Momoa on social media, Ben Affleck will reprise his role as the Dark Knight of the DCEU. together with the king of Atlantis, and not with Keaton, as it was allegedly planned. While this may be a result of the schedule changes that occurred when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are now due to release before The Flash (and before any possible timeline shifts), it’s still not a good thing for Batman Keaton.

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In an incredibly short time, Keaton lost the image of Batman, and Ben Affleck acquired it, in addition to his already stated role in The Flash with Keaton. So now there is a possibility that Warner Bros. may try to keep Ben Affleck’s Batman as the Dark Knight of the DCEU. Taking into account all these recent news and the instability of one movie in which Keaton’s Bruce Wayne will appear now that Batgirl is no more, Burton Batman’s future looks bleak.


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