Batman Just Made One of Aquaman’s Most Unfortunate Moves, Incredibly Cool

Warning! Spoilers for Batman Urban Legends # 17 from DC Comics
In comics Batman has just made one of Aquaman’s clumsiest moves cooler than ever before as he rides the sea creature stylishly. In Batman Urban Legends #17 from DC Comics, the Dark Knight helps the Kingdom of Atlantis after they turn to him for help after discovering a fish similar to the Joker. By the end of the issue, Batman makes a grand exit from the underwater city, riding a killer whale, showing that riding on top of ocean life can be cool.
Despite the fact that DC Comics and DCEU made Aquaman cooler than his Silver Age counterpart, it’s hard to forget how stupid and lame the hero was at his core during some of his earliest adventures. Making a superhero, even a Justice League member who talks to a fish, seem cool has always been a challenge. Things got even more complicated after the airing of Aquaman’s own animated series and an appearance in the DC Super Friends series, where he became even more facetious, as he was often depicted riding seahorses. So now Batman is doing what the King of Atlantis was ridiculed for, but he’s doing it cool.
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In “The Sea Beyond” from Batman Urban Legends #17, Joey Esposito, Serga Acuna, Alex Guimaraes and Pat Brosseau from DC Comics, Aquaman and Mera pay Batman a visit to his Bat Cave after spotting several joker fish in the ocean. Worried about the spread of the toxin, the Dark Knight joins them on an underwater mission to find out what caused the mutated fish to return. Noticing the seismic activity, the trio encounters the Sea behind the Veil, where the creature has escaped from a previously closed world. Having passed through the portal and received the organism necessary to fight infected marine life, Batman rides a killer whale to return home.
Batman holds onto the fin of the killer whale, riding the killer whale like a motorcycle. Considering how much attention Aquaman received for riding seahorses and looking unconvincing at the same time, in Batman, riding in the ocean looks much cooler than the underwater hero ever was. Besides, it’s a killer whale. This is an incredibly cool moment.
Aquaman should think about how to change the situation and ride killer whales more often. Although he doesn’t need their help, as Batman did when crossing the ocean, it would be a noticeable step forward compared to the lame seahorse that most readers and fans ridiculed him for using as a transport. Ultimately, Batman showed how cool Aquaman can look with a new type of transport.