Batman Inc.’s Biggest Heist Proves Green Arrow Has Always Been a Copycat


The sharp-eyed archer Green Arrow has borrowed from Batman before, but his own take on Batman Incorporated may be the hero’s most shameless robbery. A proprietary version of Batman Inc. Oliver Queen proves that the Green Arrow has always been nothing more than a thief of ideas.

Frankly, Oliver Queen has never had a better reputation when it came to original ideas. In the early years of his existence as a crime fighter, Green Arrow was a hero very similar to Batman. He was a multimillionaire who fought crime on the side of a young ward. The similarity was so obvious that Batman called the Green Arrow a fake. But in the end, Green Arrow really gained his unique personality, especially when he became a more socially conscious superhero. But he was never able to survive those awkward years when he was seen swimming after Batman.

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And while one can forgive some parallels between Batman and the Green Arrow, there is one thing that is so striking that it is almost unjustified. Detective comic # 215 is a story by Sheldon Moldoff and Edmond Hamilton called “Batmen of All Nations”. This story tells about a group of heroes inspired by the work of Batman, and this idea led to the creation of the international Batman team Batman Inc. However, just three years after the appearance of Batman of All Nations, Green Arrow again modeled part of his crime-fighting operation after the Dark Knight. Adventure comic # 250 contained the story of Bill Finger and Jack Kirby “Green Arrows of the World”, which featured a global team of archers who acted almost the same as the Batmen of all nations. Unlike the Batman team, which repeatedly appeared in the Silver Age, the “Green Arrows of the World” never went beyond its opening issue.

Of course, Batman’s team wasn’t sacred ground. Until Batman launched Batman Inc., the Batmen of all nations remained in the Silver Age along with the international Green Arrow team. But the fact that the “Green Arrows of the World” appeared shortly after the first appearance of “Batman of All Nations” puts Oliver in a bad light. In fact, this may be the last proof that the hero deliberately copied the style of the Dark Knight. Despite her reputation, Green Arrow is not to blame for starting her life as a copycat. “Batman” was a huge success, and the writers wanted to capitalize on it by creating similar characters. Green Arrow’s parallels with Batman may have originated from a harmless place, but over time they began to reflect badly on Oliver Queen as a character.

Although one can argue about the originality of Oliver’s “Arrow-Car”, the source of inspiration for the “Green Arrows of the World” is so obvious that it is difficult to see anything other than plagiarism in it. He may not have his own Batman Inc. right now, but the fact that he even tried shows how brazen Green Arrow can be.