Batman: How to change the voice of waze


Waze now allows you to customize the GPS navigation commands with the voice of Batman or Riddler from Gotham City.

The novelty, which is part of a partnership with Warner Bros and DC, is available from this Monday (31) and can be used until the end of October. In addition to the voices voiced by Eduardo Ribeiro and Marco Ribeiro, it is also possible to use the villain’s batmobile or car instead of the miniature or arrow on the map and change the mood icon of the profile. Thematic features are available for users of Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use the voice, car and humor of Batman or Riddler on Waze. The procedure was performed on an iPhone XR with iOS 13, but the tips also apply to users of devices with the Google system. You need to have the latest version of the app installed on your phone – learn how to update your apps.

How to use Batman’s voice

  • Step 1. Open Waze and tap “Search” to display the application menu. Then tap on the gear icon to access the options;
  • Step 2. Now, go to “Voice and sound” and open “Voice Waze”;
  • Step 3. Finally, just select the option “Portuguese (BR) – Batman” or “Portuguese (BR) – Riddler”.

How to use the batmobile

  • Step 1. On the main Waze settings screen, go to “Map display” and tap on “Vehicle icon”;
  • Step 2. Finally, choose the batmobile icon or the charade car.
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How to use Batman humor

To change the mood in Waze, access the application menu and tap on your name. Then go to “Humor” and choose the desired option under “Special moods”.

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for using the Batman theme in Waze.


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